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Federal Test Procedure Revisions

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On October 22, 1996,  the final rule on Motor Vehicle Emissions Federal Test Procedure Revisions was published in the the Federal Register.  This rule revises the tailpipe emissions portion of the Federal Test Procedure (FTP) for light–duty vehicles (LDVs) and light–duty trucks (LDTs). The primary new element of the rulemaking is a Supplemental Federal Test Procedure (SFTP) designed to address shortcomings with the current FTP in the representation of aggressive (high speed and/or high acceleration) driving behavior, rapid speed fluctuations, driving behavior following startup, and use of air conditioning. An element of the rulemaking that also affects the preexisting "conventional" FTP is a new set of requirements designed to more accurately reflect real road forces on the test dynamometer.

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Final Rule

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Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

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Phoenix Air Conditioning Study

In order to understand more about customer use of air conditioning and the impact of meteorological parameters (temperature and humidity in particular) on air conditioning use and the air conditioner compressor (and therefore on emissions), an EPA contractor (ATL) performed an in-use survey of air conditioning use in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1994. Twenty vehicles were instrumented with dataloggers for periods of 1-2 weeks, and data was collected on several air conditioner and trip parameters. Data was recorded for more than 1000 trips.

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FTP Preliminary Technical Report

In May 1993 EPA published a report titled, "Federal Test procedure Review Project: Preliminary Technical Report," ( EPA 420-R-93-007). The title is a slight misnomer in that there was not a "final" report.  Rather, the preliminary report served as the technical basis for moving forward with the development of the FTP revisions rulemaking.

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Driving cycles

The FTP Revisions regulations include two new driving cycles.

The standard driving cycle, the urban dynamometer driving schedule (UDDS) is still a required element of the federal test procedure (FTP):

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