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I/M Program Evaluations

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.

10/21/98 METT Memorandum

EPA memo outlining acceptable methods for I/M program evaluations (PDF) (51K)   The memo was noncommittal on the issue of using Remote Sensing as EPA felt additional work was needed to fully understand the benefits and disadvantages of the technique.  Toward that end, EPA has been working with the Coordinating Research Council Remote Sensing group to address the Agency's concerns.

  • Sierra Report (PDF) (817K)
    This report describes the currently accepted methods outlined in the 10/31/98 METT Memo for performing an IM program evaluation.
  • LBL Review (PDF) (121K)
    This is a peer review performed by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories of Sierra Report #SR97-11-02.
  • Rothman Review (PDF) (2.4MB)
    This is a second peer review performed by Dr. Ed Rothman of Sierra Report #SR97-11-02.
  • Contact:  Jim Lindner, phone:  (734) 214-4558, email:  lindner.jim@epa.gov

Other sources of information in the area of IM Program Evaluations include the following documents that can be found published elsewhere.  The list is strictly for informational purposes and does not in anyway imply the Agency endorses the findings of these studies.

  • "On-Road Evaluation of an Automobile Emission Test Program";  Environmental Science and Technology, 31(3) 927, 1997; Stedman, Bishop, Aldrete, & Slott.
  • "Report to the Colorado General Assembly on The Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Program";  Air Quality Control Commission; July 1997; Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
  • "Review of Air Quality and Motor Vehicle Technology Issues Pertaining to the Design of AirCare II";  Sierra Report #SR98-07-01; July 1998; Sierra Research.
  • "AirCare Program Review and Evaluation Benefits Program Years One to Five (9/92-8/97)";  British Columbia AirCare Program; December 1998; Stewart and Gourley.
  • "Methodology for Estimating California Fleet FTP Emissions"; December 3, 1997; Radian International.
  • Analysis of the AZ IM240 Test Program and Comparison with the Tech5 Model (PDF) 60 pp, 2MB, EPA420-R-97-001, February 1997)

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