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Instructions for downloading and extracting "MOVES-demo4-2007.exe"

  1. Save MOVES-demo4-2007.exe to your computer. MOVES-demo4-2007.exe is a very large file and even with a high-speed connection may take 15-90 minutes to download. When saved to your computer, "MOVES-demo4-2007" should be exactly 225,124,864 bytes. You can check this by right-clicking on the file icon, selecting "Properties" and looking at "Size". If the downloaded file is not this size, please try downloading it again. Large downloads work best when you are not running other applications on your computer and when traffic on your network is low.
  2. Double-Click the MOVES-demo4-2007 icon
  3. This will open the WinZip self-extractor and allow you to choose a directory for the MOVES files.
  4. After choosing a directory, click the "UnZip" button.
  5. The unzipped contents of the MOVES-demo4-2007 file will be placed in the directory path chosen in step (3), in the form of a "readme.txt" file and five folders.
  6. To install MOVES Demo, follow the step-by-step instructions in the "readme.txt" file.

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