MOVES Demonstration Introduction

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is requesting comments on a new demonstration version of the MOVES model for highway vehicles.  We are currently developing MOVES as an eventual replacement to the MOBILE6.2 model of highway vehicle emissions and the NONROAD model of emissions from non-road mobile sources.  The new “MOVES Demo” includes the major software features planned for the future MOVES model and provides an excellent opportunity for modelers to start learning to use the advanced features of the MOVES model and to provide feedback to us as we continue our work on the MOVES model.

Please note that all of the criteria pollutant emission rates in MOVES Demo are placeholder values and do not represent actual emission rates.  Users may not use MOVES for any submissions for State Implementation Plans (SIPs) or conformity determinations until EPA approves an “official” version of MOVES.

We are distributing MOVES Demo now because user comments will help us make the final model more user-friendly.  In particular, we hope MOVES Demo will be useful to those trying to develop tools to integrate MOVES with transportation and air quality models.   In addition, EPA will use MOVES Demo in preliminary training courses such as the training EPA is offering at the International Emission Inventory Conference in North Carolina in May 2007.

MOVES Demo replaces MOVES2004 and expands upon MOVES2004 software.  It adds more pollutants, evaporative emissions, a trip processor to compute vehicle start and soak times, a post-processor to produce summary output, a pre-processor for inspection and maintenance (IM) inputs, and optional output in grams/mile, among other features.

Instructions for downloading MOVES Demo are available on the web at  A preliminary draft user guide also is available.  Draft guidance on MOVES inputs is not yet available, but, please note, we anticipate that the national default fleet and activity data in MOVES will have limited applicability for SIPs and conformity determinations.  When a final version of MOVES is available, we will require SIP and conformity modelers to replace the national default data with local data, replacing the “national” domain with one or more “local” domains.

MOVES Demo will be followed by a comprehensive draft version of MOVES for highway vehicles that will include draft emission rates that are EPA’s best estimates of actual emissions.   We plan to schedule an additional significant comment period on this draft model to assure that all stakeholders have adequate time to review the comprehensive draft model.  The date of the draft model release will depend on EPA progress resolving emission rate technical issues, but is estimated to be in the fall of 2008.

After we complete stakeholder review of MOVES Demo and the future comprehensive draft MOVES for highway vehicles, we plan to release an official version of MOVES, approved for use estimating highway vehicle emissions in SIPs and conformity determinations.  The timing for the official MOVES version will depend on the comments received on MOVES Demo and the future draft MOVES, but is most likely to be in the fall of 2009.

If you have questions or comments about the MOVES Demo or the MOVES project in general, please contact the MOVES team by email