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Nonroad Engines, Equipment, and Vehicles

Gasoline Boats and Personal Watercraft

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EPA standards for exhaust and evaporative emissions reduce the environmental impact from marine spark-ignition engines and vessels. The emission standards require manufacturers to control exhaust emissions from the engines and evaporative emissions from fuel tanks and fuel lines. This page provides general information for consumers, boaters, and other users of marine vessels that use gasoline engines (or other spark-ignition engines). There are also links to the related regulations and supporting documents. Information is also available on Diesel Boats and Ships and Ocean Vessels and Large Ships.

Regulations and Guidance

See the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) for the full text of current regulations that apply to Marine SI engines:

40 CFR part 1045 Exhaust emission standards for 2010 and later model year engines
40 CFR part 1060 Evaporative emission standards
40 CFR part 1065 Engine-testing regulations for 2010 standards
40 CFR part 1068 General compliance provisions for evap standards and 2010 exhaust standards
40 CFR part 91 Original exhaust emission standards and compliance program; test procedures available through 2012 model year

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