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Green Vehicle Guide

Choose a Path to Lower GHG Passenger Travel

Think you can put us on the path to lower greenhouse gas emissions? Now’s your chance! Follow the steps below to set a GHG target and then try to reach it by designing your own 2050 scenario. Did the two sides of the bridge connect? If not, try again.

Welcome to 2050

Step 1: Choose a GHG reduction target for US passenger car emissions in 2050:
Bridge Bicycle Car Bridge Waves
My 2050 Scenario  0% Below Today My 2050 Target  0% Below Today
Step 2: Rotate the tire to select U. S. average car fuel economy, push buttons to select travel activities, and click nozzle to select fuel mix
Average car MPG
Smartphone Use cars less to commute Use cars less to shop Use cars less to reach social activities Use cars less to get to school Drive more efficiently Community design
Pump Screen
Pump nozzle
Rotate tire
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Push buttons
Learn more ...
Click nozzle
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