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Aftermarket Retrofit Device Evaluation Program

EPA conducts a voluntary program to evaluate aftermarket devices and fuel additives that manufacturers claim will improve fuel economy and/or reduce exhaust emissions for passenger cars and trucks. The purpose of the Aftermarket Retrofit Device Evaluation Program (also known as the "511 Program") is to generate, analyze, and disseminate technical data on the effectiveness of such products. This web page provides information for manufacturers on how to have a device evaluated, along with information for consumers interested in such products.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: EPA does not approve, certify, endorse, or register any products that pass through this voluntary evaluation program. Neither does EPA approve, certify, endorse, or register any independent laboratory or the test results from any independent laboratory. Any claims by a manufacturer to the contrary are false.

Contact: Jim Snyder (snyder.Jim@epa.gov), telephone: 734-214-4946

NOTE: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

Consumer Information

Program Information for Manufacturers

Test Reports

These test reports are for all of the specific products tested by EPA under the Aftermarket Retrofit Device Evaluation Program. They are listed alphabetically by product name. There has been diminishing interest in the program however; the most recent report was issued in 2005.

Product Name (all of the following are PDF files) File Size Report Date
ACDS Automotive Cylinder Deactivation System (2) 2.1MB May 1981
Air-Jet Air Bleed 202K Aug 1972
Analube Synthetic Lubricant 253K July 1974
Atomized Vapor Injector 2.2MB Feb 1983
Auto-Miser 5MB Feb 1980
Autosaver 2MB May 1981
AUTOTHERM (1) (circulates coolant for heater) 7MB Jan 1985
Ball-Matic Air Bleed 377K Jun 1976
Basko Enginecoat 1.6MB Mar 1980
Baur Condenser 4.4MB Aug 1981
Berg Air Bleed 315K Jan 1972
BIAP Electronic Ignition Unit 128K Sep 1970
Brisko PCV 178K Feb 1971
Cyclone-Z 6.2MB Jan 1983
Dresser Economizer 1.6MB Aug 1982
Dresser Economizer 1MB Dec 1981
Dynamix 2.2MB Aug 1982
Econo Needle Air Bleed 282K Apr 1972
Econo-Mist Vacuum Vapor Injection System 594K Mar 1975
El-5 Fuel Additive 714K Sep 1976
Electro-Dyne Superchoke 505K Jan 1976
Emissions and Fuel Economy Effects of Vehicle Exhaust Emission Control Device 32K Jan 1982
Energy Gas Saver 8.1MB Jan 1982
Environmental Fuel Saver 2.3MB Feb 1980
Frantz Vapor Injection System 214K Sep 1971
Fuel Conservation Device 2.1MB Feb 1980
Fuel Economizer 1.1MB Sep 1982
Fuel Max (2) 4.8MB Jun 1981
Fuel Maximiser 2.5MB Nov 1981
Fuelon Power 820K Oct 1991
FuelXpander 2.1MB 1980
Gas Meiser I 1.4MB May 1981
Gas Saving/Emission Control Improvement 1.2MB Jan 1983
Glynn-50 1.2MB Aug 1981
Goodman Engine System, Model 1800 3.7MB Apr 1980
Greer Fuel Pre-heater 6MB May 1981
Gyroscopic Wheel Cover 2.7MB Jun 1983
Hot Tip 3MB Sep 1982
Hydro-Catalyst Pre-Combustion Catalyst System 321K Jul 1973
Hydro-Vac 1.4MB Aug 1983
IDALERT (1) 2.4MB Jun 1981
Inset Aftermarket Retrofit Device 312K Aug 1999
Jacona Fuel System 1.7MB Aug 1982
Kamei Spoilers(1) 2.1MB Mar 1983
Kat's Engine Heater 646K Oct 1982
Lamkin Fuel Metering Device 185K Jul 1974
Landrum Mini-Carb 575K Jun 1976
Magna Flash Ignition Control System 198K Feb 1972
Malpassi Filter King (fuel pressure) 4.6MB Jan 1983
Mesco Moisture Extraction System 3.4MB Jul 1983
Moleculetor (metallic) 6.3MB May 1981
Monocar HC Control Air Bleed 438K Jun 1972
Morse Constant Speed Accessory Drive (1) 799K Jun 1976
NRG #1 Fuel Additive 510K Feb 1978
Optimizer 6.4MB May 1983
P.A.S.S. KIT (1) 1.8MB Sep 1982
P.S.C.U. 01 Device 2.8MB Aug 1983
Paser Magnum/Paser 500/Paser 500 HEI 10.5MB May 1981
Pass Master Vehicle Air Conditioner (1) 5.6MB Aug 1980
PETRO-MIZER 867K Dec 1982
PetroMoly HP Motor Oil 42K Jan 1999
Platinum Gasaver 902K Jul 1991
POLARION X 3.5MB Aug 1982
POLARION X (second evaluation) 2.1MB Apr 1985
Pollution Master Air Bleed 1.8MB Aug 1971
POWERFUEL 2.9MB Aug 1983
Ram-Jet 648K Jan 1980
Rolfite Upgrade Fuel Additive 728K Mar 1975
Russell Fuelmeiser 3.5MB Sep 1982
SCATPAC Vacuum Vapor Induction System 305K Jul 1973
Smith Power and Deceleration Governor 245K Apr 1974
Sta-Power Fuel Additive 412K Feb 1972
Stargas Fuel Additive 373K Feb 1972
Super FUELMAX-Emission and Fuel Economy Report 22K Oct 2005
Super FUELMAX-Fuel Economy and Emissions Data Analysis 20K Oct 2005
Super FUELMAX Test Data 44K Oct 2005
Super-Mag Fuel Extender 1.5MB Jan 1982
SYNeRGy 1 3.5MB Jun 1981
Tail Pipe Cat 45K April 1999
Technoi G Fuel Additive 193K Aug 1972
Tephguard 450K N/A
Treis Emulsifier 2.5MB Jul 1981
Turbocarb 1.6MB Aug 1982
Turbo-Carb 2MB Aug 1982
Turbo-Dyne G.R. Valve 1.2MB Apr 1978
ULX-15/ULX-15D 1.3MB May 1981
V-70 Vapor Injector 6.2MB May 1981
Vareb10 Fuel Additive 157K N/A
Vitalizer III 62K Aug 1999
Waag-Injection System (2) 976K Oct 1980
Wickliff Polarizer (fuel line and air intake) 6.5MB Jun 1981
XRG #1 Fuel Additive 790K Feb 1980

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