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Transportation and Climate

What You Can Do

plug-in hybrid vehile is 'fueling' up.

Calculate Your Emissions

The first step in reducing your emissions from driving is learning about your personal contribution to greenhouse gases in the air. By using EPA’s personal emissions calculator, you can estimate your greenhouse gas emissions for many daily activities, including your emissions from driving.

You can also explore the resources below to learn ways to reduce your emissions. Businesses and organizations can also use these tools to educate their employees and members about ways to help protect our climate.

You Have Green Options on the Road

Now that you've calculated your greenhouse gas emissions from driving, learn more below about how to reduce your emissions through purchasing the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your needs, as well as other tips for reducing vehicle emissions and fuel usage.

  • What You Can Do on the Road provides information on how to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and in turn, reduce your emissions, reduce the nation's dependence on oil, and save money.
  • New Fuel Economy & Environment Labels provide the public with information on vehicles’ fuel economy, energy use, fuel costs, and environmental impacts-- including information for advanced technology vehicles like electric cars. Starting with model year 2013 vehicles, these redesigned labels can be seen on all new cars and light trucks in dealer showrooms. With the label, you can make comparisons – car by car – to ensure that you have the best information to save on fuel costs and reduce emissions.
  • The Green Vehicle Guide provides consumers with information on vehicle emissions, advanced technology vehicles, and alternative fuels – plus infographics, calculators, videos, and the ability to search for SmartWay certified cars and trucks.
  • Fueleconomy.gov, a web resource maintained jointly by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. EPA, is designed to help you make informed fuel economy choices when purchasing a vehicle, so you can achieve the best fuel economy possible from the cars that you own. The site provides fuel economy estimates, energy and environmental impact ratings, fuel-saving tips, and other useful information.
  • SmartWay’s certification mark helps you identify cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars and trucks.
  • DOE’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator can help you find fueling stations in your area that carry renewable, low-carbon fuels such as E85 and biodiesel blends. See Strategies & Analysis: Fuels for more information on these and other renewable fuels.

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