On May 10th, 2005, EPA hosted a public meeting in Dallas, Texas to discuss the NPDES Storm Water Permit Regulations for Small Oil and Gas Construction Activities. EPA representatives included Jack Faulk, Jim Hanlon, Michael Lee, Deborah Nagle, and Jeff Smith. Jim Elder, an independent consultant, served as facilitator for the meeting. EPA created a panel of 11 representatives from state and federal government, the oil industry, and environmental organizations.

Several PowerPoint presentations were given and some attendees gave public statements during the meeting.

PowerPoint presentations given during the meeting can be downloaded by clicking the links below:


Affiliation File Information (PowerPoint Presentation)

Garland Anderson

Citizen representative of Colorado

Presentation [PowerPoint - 4,376 - 12 pp]

Jack Faulk

EPA, Office of Wastewater Management

[EPA_Public Meeting Presentation.ppt] [4,450 KB] [21 pages]

Marilyn Fish

EOG Resources

[RAPPS Presentation.ppt] [14,867 KB] [35 pages]

Tad Mayfield

Goldston Oil Corporation

[Goldston Oil Corp Presentation.ppt] [1,496 KB] [14 pages]

Dave Perkins

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

[Anadarko Presentation.ppt] [7,367 KB] [12 pages]

Casey Schneider

EPA Region 6

[EPA Region 6 Presentation.ppt] [2,188 KB] [18 pages]

Lori Wrotenbery

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

[STRONGER Presentation.ppt] [1,427 KB] [9 pages]

Public statements given and comments submitted during the meeting can be downloaded by clicking the links below:



Description - [File information]

David Baumgarten

Gunnison County

Public statement

[ Gunnison Co_David Baumgarten.pdf] [79 KB] [7 pages]

Sharon Buccino

Natural Resources Defense Council

Public statement

[NRDC_Sharon Buccino.pdf] [90 KB] [5 pages]

Angie Burckhalter

Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association

Public statement

[OIPA_Angie Burckhalter.pdf] [1,133 KB] [3 pages]

Mark Carl

Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission

Public statement

[IOGCC_Mark Carl.pdf] [123 KB] [3 pages]

Michael Decker

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Not available for download. Statement can be viewed in the Meeting transcript.

[Not available for download, can we insert this statement instead?

Tom Fisk

Gas Processors Association

Cover letter


[125 KB] [1 page]

Public statement


[123 KB] [2 pages]

George Holliday

Holiday Environmental Services, Inc.

Submitted comments

[Holliday.pdf] [23 KB] [5 pages]

Janet McQuaid

Fulbright and Lapowski and IPAA

Submitted comments

[IPAA Comments at EPA Stormwater Management Mtg 05-10-2005.pdf] [120 KB] [5 pages]

Appendix 1

[Appendix 1-Common Plan Issues.pdf] [115 KB] [5 pages]

Appendix 1, Attachment 1-A

[Appendix 1. Attachment 1-A.pdf] [98 KB] [3 pages]

Appendix 2

[Appendix 2 -RAPPS.pdf] [3,629 KB] [55 pages]

Appendix 3

[Appendix 3 - DOE Analysis.pdf] [111KB] [26 pages]

Appendix 3, Attachment 1

[Appendix 3 - DOE Analysis - Attachment 1.pdf] [38 KB] [10 pages]

David Polter


Public statement

[ARCADIS G&M_David Polter.pdf] [1,143 KB] [3 pages]

Additional documents pertaining to the meeting can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

Meeting transcript [O&G Public meeting transcript.pdf] [340 KB] [90 pages]

Registration list [Registration List_060705.pdf] [65 KB] [11 pages]