Listen to a Podcast

There are two options for listening to a Podcast for this event:

Option 1:   Download Podcast (MP3 file)
 Use this link to download the Podcast (MP3 file of webcast audio track) to your desktop for playback from your PC, MP3 Player, or iPOD. Media Players such as RealPlayer and Windows Media Player may be used for playing MP3 audio files.

 Click Here to Download Audio File

Option 2:   Podcasting Feed
 Use to receive a copy of the Podcast in your Podcasting application such as iTunes or iPodder.

 Podcast URL:

1. If you don't have iTunes or some other Podcast application, you can download a podcasting application from If you have a podcasting application, you can skip this step.
2. Copy the entire Podcast URL (above) to the "URL" or "Feed" field in your software. In iTunes, this can be found by selecting the "Advanced" menu and the "Subscribe to Podcast" box (Cick Here for an example).
3. After the Podcast URL has been added to your Podcasting application, the MP3 file will be retrieved and stored in your application for use by you.