Powerpoint Conversion Help
If you are experiencing problems with Powerpoint Conversion to Slide or PDF, please review the following.

Powerpoint Conversion
I uploaded the slide deck, but I don't see my slides in Presentation Manager or the Event Console

I uploaded the slide deck, but I don't see my slides in Presentation Manager or the Event Console
Please verify that you are using a current version of PowerPoint (Microsoft has discontinued mainstream support for PowerPoint 2000 (June 30, 2004) and PowerPoint XP (July 11, 2006), if you are using these or previous versions, please consider upgrading or ask your event manager for assistance).

Please ensure that your PowerPoint deck does not contain the following:

  • More than one Master Slide (View > Master > Slide Master)

  • Slide Animations:
    For each slide, go to the menu item for Slide Show > Custom Animation > Order and Timings - any entries in this box indicate animations are active.
    To remove animations, save your PowerPoint as a PowerPoint 4.0 file, then re-open it and save it to your default PowerPoint format, and re-upload this file.

  • Slide Transitions:
    Please remove Slide Transitions (Slide Show > Slide Transitions... > No Transition > Apply To All), save your PowerPoint file, and re-upload this file.

  • Custom Page Setup:
    (Recommended Setup: File > Page Setup... > On-screen Show). Re-upload after changing the Page Setup.

  • Links to External files:
    Powerpoint can be set up to "link" to documents on your local network or hard drive, such that when those documents (say, a file containing an MS Excel chart) are updated, your Powerpoint file reflects those changes. However, when you email the file to someone, or upload it to this platform, the linked content is no longer available, and causes an error when the Powerpoint file is opened. This error also causes the Powerpoint conversion to fail. Please verify that you do not have any externally linked content in the powerpoint, and break those links if needed (Edit > Links > Break Link). Re-upload after changing the PowerPoint deck.

  • Password Protection (Available in PowerPoint 2002 onwards):
    Please Disable Password Protection (Tools Menu > Options > Edit Tab > Check ‘Password Protection’ under ‘Disable New Features’ section

  • If you continue to have problems with your slide deck, please contact wcc.support@on24.com, or your event manager for further information.