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Basic Information

Many communities and states have produced in-depth environmental reports about your area which may be of interest to you.

During EPA's National Dialogue on Access to Environmental Information Exit EPA Disclaimer , people told EPA that they wanted location-based environmental information as a complement to raw data. MyEnvironmentalReports tries to meet this need by making these reports easy to find. The site includes more than 150 reports from municipalities, states, regions, and the nation as a whole. People can search for the reports at any of these scales or they can search for a specific topic.

The section of MyEnvironment is targeted to these groups, but others are encouraged to learn more about the environment in their community:
  • Policy Makers, Decision Makers, and Resource Managers (including federal, state, regional, and local government officials)
  • Technical Experts, Scientists, and Researchers
  • Educators, Students, and Librarians
  • Environmental and Community Groups
  • General Public and the Media
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