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Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring is a crucial aspect to protecting water resources. State, Tribal, and Federal agencies must monitor lakes, streams, rivers, and other types of water bodies to assist them in determining water quality condition. More Water Quality Information >>

Results Found In

(# of stations) (% of stations) *
Metal more info 4 23.5
Microbiological more info 4 23.5
PCB more info 4 23.5
Pesticide more info 5 29.4

* Percentage of area stations at which the sampling was taken.

New/Expiring Permits

View information on companies which have been issued permits to discharge waste water into rivers.
Expiring Permits
There are no expiring permits in this area.
New Permits
There are no new permits in this area.

Drinking Water Sources

View information about public water systems and their violations of EPA drinking water regulations.
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View Local Drinking Water Providers

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Water Conditions

View a detailed water quality assessment report that is broken into various water bodies such as rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, etc...

Click on the map for more info.


Click on the map for more info about the watershed: Lower Kansas, Kansas. Missouri..


View real-time water data from USGS which contains information about streamflow, ground water, water quality and tide telemetry.

Click on the map for more info.

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