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EPA Region 1
2002 EPA New England State of the Environment Report

Information about the Report
Title 2002 EPA New England State of the Environment Report
Description This report highlights environmental indicator information and trends in New England. The report is structured around four broad goals: achieving cleaner air, purer water, healthier ecosystems, and healthier communities.
Organization EPA Region 1
Year 2002
URL http://www.epa.gov/region1/ra/soe02/index.html
Level of Technical Detail Low
Direct Access to Data No
Direct Access to Metadata No
EPA Region Region 1
Link to Organization http://www.epa.gov/region1/index.html
Contact Information 888-372-7341, 617-918-1111
Environmental Indicator Scale Region, State, Municipality
Additional Information Health Effects, Policy recommendations

Information about the indicators in the report
Environmental Category in the Report Indicator in the Report EPA Web Taxonomy
Healthy Air Air toxics Air:Air Pollution
Air:Air Quality
Pollutants & Contaminants:Air Pollutants
Chemicals: Mercury
Healthy Air Climate protection through voluntary action Air:Climate Change
Energy Efficiency
Healthy Air Energy reliability and conservation Industries: Utilities: Electric Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution
Energy Efficiency
Healthy Air Transportation: Cars, Trucks, Buses, and Fuel Industries: Transportation and Warehousing
Fuel Economy
Pollutants & Contaminants: Air Pollutants: Particulate Matter
Healthy Communities Childhood lead poisoning in Boston Health Risks:Exposure
Health Topics:Special Populations:Children''s Health
Healthy Communities Fostering Smart Growth Sustainable Development
Healthy Communities Restoring brownfield sites in New England Cleanup:Cleanup Sites:Brownfields
Sustainable Development
Healthy Communities Tribal Programs Health Topics:Special Populations
Healthy Ecosystems Maple syrup production Industries: Agricultural Industry
Healthy Ecosystems Power plant emissions of SOx and NOx Air:Air Pollution
Air:Air Quality
Pollutants & Contaminants:Air Pollutants:Criteria Air Pollutants
Air: Acid Rain
Healthy Ecosystems Protecting Tidal and Freshwater Wetlands Water: Wetlands
Healthy Ecosystems Regional temperature changes (1895-1999) Air:Climate Change
Healthy Water Protecting Our Drinking Water Water: Drinking Water
Water: Water Pollution
Functions: Services for Citizens: Homeland Security
Healthy Water Restoring Our Rivers, Lakes and Bays Water: Water Pollution: Nonpoint Source Pollution
Water: Storm Water
Healthy Water Watershed Protection Water: Watersheds
Pollutants & Contaminants: Water Pollutants