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United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD)
UNSD Environmental Indicators
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Information about the Report
Title UNSD Environmental Indicators Exit EPA Disclaimer
Description Provides 10 broad themes (i.e.. Air and Climate, Biodiversity, Energy and Minerals, etc.) which expand to provide more detailed information. Summary statistics presented as a map of indicators, with information for each nation. No raw data. Summary information can be downloaded in Excel.
Organization United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD)
Year 2009
URL http://unstats.un.org/unsd/environment/qindicators.htm Exit EPA Disclaimer
Level of Technical Detail Medium
Direct Access to Data No
Direct Access to Metadata Yes
EPA Region
Link to Organization http://unstats.un.org/unsd/default.htm Exit EPA Disclaimer
Contact Information 212-963-9851, statistics@un.org
Environmental Indicator Scale National
Additional Information

Information about the indicators in the report
Environmental Category in the Report Indicator in the Report EPA Web Taxonomy
Air and Climate Air and Climate Air:Air Pollution
Air:Air Quality
Air:Climate Change
Chemicals:Greenhouse gases
Pollutants & Contaminants:Air Pollutants:Criteria Air Pollutants
Pollutants & Contaminants:Air Pollutants:Particulate Matter
Biodiversity Biodiversity Species
Energy and Minerals Energy and Minerals Industries: Utilities: Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy
Industries: Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
Forests Forests Soils & Land
Industries: Agricultural Industry: Forestry
Inland Water Resources Inland Water Resources Water:Surface Water:Estuaries
Water:Surface Water:Lakes
Water:Surface Water:Rivers
Water:Surface Water:Streams
Land and Agriculture Land and Agriculture Soils & Land:Agroecosystems
Industries: Agricultural Industry
Soils & Land
Sustainable Development
Pollutants & Contaminants:Soil Contaminants
Marine and Coastal Areas Marine and Coastal Areas Water:Surface Water:Oceans:Coastal Environments
Natural Disasters Natural Disasters Emergencies:Emergency Management:Natural Disasters
Waste Waste Waste Reduction