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The Narberth Civic Association
The Environment of Narberth, PA
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Information about the Report
Title The Environment of Narberth, PA Exit EPA Disclaimer
Description This report, authored by a citizen of Narberth, looks at a number of environmental indicators throughout the community.
Organization The Narberth Civic Association
Year 2006
URL http://www.narberthpa.org/docs/TheEnvironmentofNarberth0406.pdf Exit EPA Disclaimer
Level of Technical Detail Low
Direct Access to Data No
Direct Access to Metadata No
EPA Region Region 3
State Pennsylvania
County Montgomery
Municipality Narberth
Link to Organization http://www.narberthpa.org/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
Contact Information info@naberthpa.org
Environmental Indicator Scale Municipality
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Information about the indicators in the report
Environmental Category in the Report Indicator in the Report EPA Web Taxonomy
Air Air quality Air:Air Pollution
Air:Air Quality
Air Radon Radiation & Radioactive Radon
Energy Electricity Industries: Utilities: Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
Energy Gasoline Fuels:Fossil Fuels:Oil
Energy Heating oil Fuels:Fossil Fuels:Oil
Energy Mass transit Sustainable Development
Industries: Transportation and Warehousing
Energy Natural gas Fuels:Fossil Fuels:Natural Gas
Land Historic development
Land Topography & geology Soils & Land
Land Vegetation Soils & Land
Land Zoning & land development Soils & Land
Waste Business producing hazardous waste Wastes:Hazardous Waste
Waste Household hazardous waste Wastes:Hazardous Waste:Household Hazardous Wastes
Waste Residential Waste Wastes:Solid Waste:Municipal Solid Waste
Water Drinking water Water:Drinking Water
Water Ground water Water:Ground Water
Water Sewage/wastewater Water:Wastewater
Water Storm water Water:Storm Water
Water Surface water Water:Surface Water