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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Project Profile

Lee County Generating Station

LMOP Award Winner  Self Developed (Absence of third party developer)
Bishopville, South Carolina
End User(s):
Santee Cooper
Lee County Landfill
Landfill Size:
3.67 million tons waste-in-place (2001)
Project Type:
Reciprocating Engine (three 1.8-MW engines) and Gas Turbine (5.5 MW Solar Taurus 60 turbine)
Project Size:
10.9 megawatts (MW)
Environmental Benefits:
Carbon sequestered annually by 10,700 acres of pine or fir forests, annual greenhouse gas emissions from 9,600 passenger vehicles, or carbon dioxide emissions from 116,400 barrels of oil consumed. Annual energy savings equate to powering 6,400 homes. Estimated emissions reductions of 0.0137 million metric tons of carbon equivalents.
LMOP Partners Involved:
GE Energy - Jenbacher Gas Engines, Nixon Energy Solutions, Republic Services, Inc., Santee Cooper, Solar Turbines Incorporated
Last Updated:

Photo of engine installation at the Lee County LFG energy generating station in South Carolina.

This 2005 LMOP Project of the Year was Santee Cooper's second green power generating facility. Santee Cooper was the first electric utility in the state to offer green power to its customers. Now, their customers in a three-county area, as well as three-fourths of the state's electric cooperatives, have the option to purchase green power.

Green power is offered to residential customers in blocks of 100-kilowatt-hours (kWh) each. Because it costs more to produce green power than by conventional means, a $3 premium is charged on a customer's electric bill. Commercial customers are offered green power in blocks of 200-kWh each for a $6 premium.

The project's highlights include the following:

  • Three 1.8-MW GE Jenbacher engines originally, fueled by methane, generate electricity.
  • A 5.5-MW Solar gas turbine was added in 2009, increasing capacity to 10.9 MW.
  • Lee County plant expected to grow to 12 units, producing 21.6 MW by 2010.
  • Santee Cooper expects to have 54 MW of green power on line by 2012.

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