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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Project Profile

Hoffman Road LFG and Bay View WWTP Digester Gas 10-MW Project

LMOP Award Winner  Self Developed (Absence of third party developer)
Toledo, Ohio
End User(s):
Bay View Water Reclamation Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)
Hoffman Road Sanitary Landfill
Landfill Size:
5.5 million tons waste-in-place (2005)
Project Type:
Combined Heat and Power (cogeneration) (Combined Cycle-gas turbine & steam turbine and heat recovery steam generator)
Project Size:
7.7 megawatts (MW)
Environmental Benefits:
Carbon sequestered annually by 7,300 acres of pine or fir forests, annual greenhouse gas emissions from 6,500 passenger vehicles, or carbon dioxide emissions from 79,800 barrels of oil consumed. Annual energy savings equate to powering 4,500 homes. Estimated emissions reductions of 0.0094 million metric tons of carbon equivalents.
LMOP Partners Involved:
Solar Turbines Incorporated
Last Updated:

Aerial photo of the Bay View cogeneration facility.

The City of Toledo, Ohio has developed a unique landfill gas (LFG) cogeneration facility at its Bay View WWTP. Gas collected from the WWTP's biological digester is used in conjunction with local LFG that was previously flared, to provide power to the WWTP, landfill, and other city departments. The facility has a 10-MW capacity including a combustion gas turbine and heat recovery steam generator. Excess heat is recovered and used to heat local buildings, stretching the value of the energy even further.

The City partnered with Middough Inc. to develop the engineering and design services for the project and Solar Turbines to provide the required equipment. The project includes a 2-mile pipeline used to transport LFG from the landfill to the cogeneration facility. Natural gas is used as a back-up fuel to meet peak load demand at the WWTP and in case the digester gas is minimal or unavailable. The facility also includes meeting space for visitors and tour groups, showcasing the benefits of green energy to the community.

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