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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Project Profile

Brown Station Road On-Site Electrical Generation Project

LMOP Award Winner  Self Developed (Absence of third party developer)
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
End User(s):
Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO)
Brown Station Road Landfill
Landfill Size:
8.9 million tons waste-in-place (2001)
Project Type:
Reciprocating Engine
Project Size:
3.5 megawatts (MW)
$60,000 per month in revenue to county
Environmental Benefits:
Carbon sequestered annually by 3,700 acres of pine or fir forests, annual greenhouse gas emissions from 3,300 passenger vehicles, or carbon dioxide emissions from 40,400 barrels of oil consumed. Annual energy savings equate to powering 1,800 homes. Estimated emissions reductions of 0.0047 million metric tons of carbon equivalents.
LMOP Partners Involved:
Curtis Engine & Equipment, Inc., PEPCO, Prince George's County, Waukesha Engine Dresser, Inc.
Last Updated:

Photo of control panel for LFG energy project at Brown Station Road Landfill in Maryland.

Prince George's County, Maryland continues to demonstrate leadership in the beneficial use of landfill gas (LFG). Since 1987, Brown Station Road Landfill has been sending LFG to the nearby Prince George's County Correctional Facility to generate steam and electricity.

In 2003, the county completed its gas expansion project. It installed four new engines that generate 1,050 kilowatts (kW) each by burning approximately 1.75 million standard cubic feet (scfm) of LFG per day. However, the project is limited to generating no more than 3.5 MW at any time due to NOX emission limitations. Today, the county sells green power to the local utility for sale on the grid.

The project's highlights include:

  • Installed four new engines to generate electricity.
  • Rehabilitated the compressor and LFG treatment facility.
  • Replaced the old reciprocating engine with electrical motors to drive the compressors.
  • Installed a chiller to remove moisture from the LFG before shipment to both end-use projects.
  • Administration building next to the gas expansion project will connect directly to the project's power output.

The county has a one-year interconnection agreement with the Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) in which it pays $1,000 per month for PEPCO to meter and distribute the generated electricity to the grid. PEPCO has the rights to the green power tags for a one-year period that began in December 2003, and can sell as they wish. This agreement was made in order to expedite the revenue stream resulting from electric power sales once the interconnection agreement was completed.

After the one-year agreement, the county plans to receive the rights to the green power tags and sell through a third party. Since the project's inception, the county has received an average of $60,000 per month for electrical generation. However, revenues have been variable due to fluctuations in market costs.

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