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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

Project Expo Sites

Project Expo sites are landfills that have been featured at LMOP Annual Conferences in the past as being interested in identifying project partners for the development of a landfill gas (LFG) energy project. Many of these sites are still searching for a project partner, while others have already resulted in project development.

Below is a list of the Expo sites and their current status, organized by the Conference at which they were featured.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Year Landfill Name State Status
2014 City of Lawton Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 207K) OK Still available
2014 Eagle Ridge Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 130K) MO Still available
2014 Union County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 133K) AR Still available
2013 Delta County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 308K) MI Still available
2013 Former Douglas County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 202K) NE Still available
2013 J.C. Elliott Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 481K) TX Still available
2012 Cinder Lake Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 228K) AZ RFP issued
2012 Haley Pike Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 245K) KY Still available
2012 NJMC 1-E, Kingsland, and Erie Landfills (PDF) (4 pp, 376K) NJ Project planned
2012 Port Angeles Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 149K) WA RFP issued
2012 Red Bluff Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 293K) CA RFP issued
2012 Rice County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 241K) MN Still available
2012 Rio Rico Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 283K) AZ Project planned
2011 Black Oak Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 209K) MO Still available
2011 Central Missouri Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 314K) MO Still available
2011 Crisp County-US 41 S Sites 1 & 2 MSW Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 168K) GA Still available
2011 Glasgow Regional Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 172K) KY Project planned
2011 Livingston Landfill No. 2 (PDF) (2 pp, 180K) VA Still available
2011 Newton-McDonald County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 316K) MO Still available
2010 Cummings Road Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 155K) CA RFP issued
2010 Ford County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 166K) KS Still available
2010 La Crosse County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 1.6M) WI Project online
2010 Monroe County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 168K) IN Still available
2010 Rowan County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 276K) NC Still available
2010 South Hilo Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 150K) HI Still available
2009 Baker Place Road Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 198K) GA RFP issued
2009 Kerrville Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 210K) TX Still available
2009 Craighead County SWDA Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 191K) AR Still available
2009 Mount Carberry Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 225K) NH Project online
2009 Ottumwa-Wapello County SLF (PDF) (2 pp, 261K) IA Still available
2009 Tazewell County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 228K) VA RFP issued
2009 West Daviess County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 188K) KY Still available
2008 Lincoln Bluff Road Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 95K) NE Project online
2008 City of Redding/Benton Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 118K) CA Still available
2008 Lee's Summit Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 92K) MO RFP issued
2008 Magnolia Subtitle D MSW Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 71K) AL Still available
2008 New Hanover County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 85K) NC Still available
2008 Newport News Solid Waste Disposal Facility #2 (PDF) (2 pp, 172K) VA Project online
2008 Pisgah Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 125K) MD Still available
2008 Sarpy County Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 112K) NE Still available
2008 St. Landry Parish Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 78K) LA Project online
2008 Windsor-Bloomfield Landfill (PDF) (2 pp, 94K) CT Still available
2007 Albemarle Ivy Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 115K) VA Still available
2007 Anchorage Regional Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 158K) AK Project online
2007 Coffee County Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 75K) AL Still available
2007 Fairmead Solid Waste Disposal Site (PDF) (4 pp, 120K) CA Still available
2007 Gaston County Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 103K) NC Project online
2007 Greenbrier County Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 113K) WV Still available
2007 Highway 309 Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 106K) GA RFP issued
2007 Veolia ES Maple Hill Landfill, Inc. (PDF) (4 pp, 125K) MO Still available
2007 Maysville-Mason County Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 110K) KY Project online
2007 Mercer County Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 128K) WV Still available
2007 Pine Belt Regional Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 124K) MS Still available
2007 Smith's Creek Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 130K) MI Project online
2007 South Kent Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 127K) MI Project online
2007 Veolia ES Valley Meadows Landfill, LLC (PDF) (4 pp, 123K) WI Still available
2006 Albert Lea Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 165K) MN RFP issued
2006 Bellfort Boulevard Landfill (PDF) (7 pp, 403K) TX Still available
2006 Buncombe County Landfill (New) (PDF) (8 pp, 314K) NC Project online
2006 City of Chattanooga Landfill (PDF) (8 pp, 331K) TN Still available
2006 City of Wichita Falls Landfill (PDF) (7 pp, 266K) TX RFP issued
2006 Fort Lewis Landfill (PDF) (7 pp, 387K) WA Still available
2006 Hillsborough Heights/Taylor Road Landfill (PDF) (7 pp, 348K) FL Still available
2006 Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center (PDF) (8 pp, 261K) IA Construction
2006 Louisville Landfill (PDF) (4 pp, 308K) MN RFP issued
2006 Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority Landfill (PDF) (7 pp, 324K) VA Project online
2006 Rockingham County Landfill (PDF) (7 pp, 334K) VA Project online
2006 Roseburg Landfill (PDF) (7 pp, 246K) OR Project online
2006 Southern Illinois Regional Landfill (PDF) (8 pp, 198K) IL Still available
2006 Three Rivers Regional Landfill (PDF) (8 pp, 287K) MS Project online
2006 Tri-Community Landfill (PDF) (8 pp, 293K) ME Still available

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