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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

Sample Outreach Tools

Many of the communication tools presented here are samples for you to use or adapt for your organization, or they can serve as a springboard for your own outreach ideas. Marketing efforts often include: "external promotions" for the community and general public, and "internal promotions" for your organization’s employees (including management), customers, energy users, and shareholders. Regarding external promotion, providing accurate and succinct information to media contacts improves your chances of securing media interest in your event or project.

Communication Tools

Invitations for Ribbon-cutting or Ground-breaking Event Black/White (PDF) (2 pp, 55K)
Color (PDF) (2 pp, 186K)
Black/White MS Word (2 pp, 1 MB)
Color MS Word (2 pp, 1.3 MB)
Talking Points for Presentations, Speeches, and Briefings PDF (1 pg, 21K) MS Word (1 pg, 32K)
Checklists for Groundbreakings, Ribbon Cuttings, and Site Tours PDF (3 pp, 20K) MS Word (3 pp, 40K)
The Path from Trash to Energy Illustration Lo Res PDF (1 pg, 121K)
Hi Res PDF (1 pg, 1.9MB)
Press Releases   MS Word (1) (1 pg, 22K)
MS Word (2) (1 pg, 21K)
Media Releases   MS Word (1 pg, 21K)
Newsletter Article   MS Word (1 pg, 21K)
Interview Tips    

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Resources for Partners and Endorsers Exit EPA disclaimer

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Technical and Informational Tools

General Information

Developing and Financing Projects

Communicating about LFG Energy Projects

End Users of LFG

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