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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

Sample Press and Media Releases

Let your local newspapers know about your landfill gas (LFG) energy project, including planned events such as site tours or ribbon cuttings. The press releases below provide examples of information on the benefits of LFG energy to include.



Sample Press Release #1

Contact: [Name of contact]
[Phone number]
[Month date, year]
For Immediate Release

[Partner] Merges Trash and Technology to Create Renewable Energy

[Partner] today announced a new project that captures landfill gas and uses it as a source of energy for [Name of city]. [Name of landfill] sets a community example by giving [Name of city] access to a less expensive source of renewable energy while keeping local air cleaner and safer.

Landfill gas is about 50 percent methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Landfill gas is also a source of smog and odor problems. By capturing and using landfill gas, [Name of partner] improves [Name of city] by reducing air pollution, minimizing safety risks associated with unharnessed gas (such as explosions), and tapping into an otherwise wasted source of usable energy.

This local project, spearheaded by [Name of project director], makes use of one of the most mature and successful green power alternatives available. Discussing the benefits [Name of city] can expect to see, project manager [Name] said, "Our landfill is now a community asset contributing to cleaner air and generating a local, less expensive fuel source. We care about [Name of city], and our project is proof that we are always thinking of ways to be a better neighbor and business. It’s a real win/win for everyone."

[Partner] plans to initially use their gas as [Insert primary intent to use gas].

[Partner] is a partner in the U.S. EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP). LMOP is a voluntary assistance and partnership program that promotes the use of landfill gas as a renewable energy resource. By preventing emissions of methane through the development of landfill gas energy projects, LMOP helps businesses, states, and communities protect the environment and build a sustainable future.

For more details about [Name of landfill’s] project, contact [Contact name] at [Phone number, fax, email]. [Partner] has served [Name of city] for over [#] years. It is a [privately/publicly] owned company.

Sample Press Release #1 (MS Word) (1 pg, 22K, About MS Word Exiting EPA)

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Sample Press Release #2

Contact: [Name of contact]
[Phone number]
[Month date, year]
For Immediate Release

[Name of landfill] Holds Open House on Using Landfill Gas As Energy Source

[Name of landfill] opens its doors to the community on [Date] to unveil its landfill gas energy project, now being used to benefit [Name of city] environmentally and economically. This open house, the first of its kind at [Name of landfill], allows community members to tour the facility and see first-hand how [Name of landfill] is keeping local air cleaner and safer while providing a cheaper source of energy to nearby end users.

[Name of contact] of [Partner] said, "We are eager for everyone in [Name of city] to see how a little technology can turn the landfill into such a valuable asset to the community."

Some of the open house highlights include:

  • [List highlight number one, including speaker name and title, time if applicable]
  • [List highlight number two]
  • [List highlight number three]

[Partner] now uses an innovative, yet simple approach to decreasing potentially harmful emissions from the landfill. By using gas generated by decomposing waste, [Partner] is helping to alleviate air pollution and local safety hazards. The landfill gas energy project at [Name of landfill] is used by [End user] for [End use]. [Insert tailored info about project profits, amount of energy generated, etc.] This is truly a win/win partnership that is good for the community and the environment.

[Partner] became a community provider by voluntarily teaming with the U.S. EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP), a voluntary partnership program designed to help communities make landfill gas energy projects a reality. The event is open to the entire community. The landfill is located at [Insert address]. Parking is available at [Location]. [Add any other logistical information such as refreshments, costs if applicable, etc.]

[Partner] has served [Name of city] for over [#] years. It is a [privately/publicly] owned company. For a specific agenda, call [Contact name] at [Telephone number].

Sample Press Release #2 (MS Word) (1 pg, 21K, About MS Word Exiting EPA )

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Sample Media Release

In addition to newspapers, you can send announcements about your LFG energy project to radio and TV stations as media releases. The sample media release below can give you ideas if you do not have this expertise. You might also want to contact a communications specialist to help you.

Contact: [Name of contact]
[Phone number]
[Month date, year]
For Immediate Release

[Organization Name] Gets Power From [Name of] Landfill

[City, State, Date][Organization Name] is finding a new source of power at an unexpected place—the local landfill. As a Partner in the U.S. EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP), a voluntary program that encourages the use of landfill gas as energy, [Organization Name] offers a unique beneficial energy product to our customers that helps improve the community and environment. The project also underscores our commitment to the environment and our support for renewable forms of energy.

Landfill gas is a naturally occurring byproduct of the waste decomposition process. When not collected and converted to energy, the gas is released into the air, where it smells bad, contributes to local smog, and poses a safety hazard. Also, methane—the main component of landfill gas—is a potent greenhouse gas. [Organization Name] is helping to reduce these liabilities by deciding to turn landfill gas into energy.

[Organization Name] worked with the owner/operators at the landfill to develop the project. [Project Developer Name] installed a gas collection system at the landfill and arranged for the gas to be run to a generator, where it is converted to electricity. The electricity is then sent to a distribution system where it is used to power [XX] homes.

Landfill gas is less expensive than other renewable energy resources, yet just as reliable as conventional fuels. Participating in a landfill gas energy project supports environmental protection and helps the community by improving local air quality, reducing smog and odor emissions at the landfill, improving safety at the landfill, and creating new jobs and improved economic development in communities near the landfill.

[Organization Name] and EPA, collaborating through LMOP, are working to encourage development of landfill gas energy projects. LMOP helps project developers, utilities, landfill owners/operators, and energy users exchange information about using landfill gas. LMOP brings together key parties in project development to make sure the gas is utilized and not wasted.

"This project is an effective way to reduce emissions of methane (a key greenhouse gas) to the atmosphere. The project underscores our commitment to helping improve both the local and global environment, and at the same time contributes to the community as well. This project is a win-win situation for everyone," states [Organization Spokesperson].

For more information on how [Company Name] is creating power for the community, call [Telephone Number]. To find out more information about LMOP or how you too can benefit from the use of landfill gas, visit the LMOP website at https://www.epa.gov/lmop.

Sample Media Release (MS Word) (1 pg, 21K, About MS Word Exiting EPA )

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