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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
231 West Michigan Street
Milwaukee, WI 53203
United States
Primary Contact
Mr. Carl Siegrist (carl.siegrist@wepco.com)
Senior Project Strategist
Phone: (414) 221-2183
Fax: (414) 221-3990
Wisconsin Energy Corporation, a Climate Challenge Partner, is currently purchasing energy from several landfills in Wisconsin.
Additional Contact(s)
Ms. Donna Danihel (donna.danihel@we-energies.com)
Senior Environmental Specialist
Phone: (414) 221-3421
Fax: (414) 221-2169

Mr. Patrick Keily (pat.keily@we-energies.com)
Phone: (414) 221-2820

Mr. Phillip M. Theisen (phil.theisen@we-energies.com)
Account Manager - Power Marketing
Phone: (414) 221-2473
Fax: (414) 221-2350

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