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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
121 Brickyard Road
Mars, PA 16046
United States
Primary Contact
Mr. Edward R. Vogel, Jr. (ervogel@vogeldisposal.com)
Vice President
Phone: (724) 625-1511
Fax: (724) 625-3750
LFG at Vogel Disposal's Seneca Landfill is captured, processed, and used for site energy production and to produce high Btu methane which is direct marketed. They aspire to produce additional power and to operate their waste collection vehicles on processed LFG. They have worked with and utilized the knowledge of other LMOP Partners and the products they developed to start their program and to improve on existing technology. Vogel Disposal seeks to share knowledge to improve their facility and the industry. Vogel Disposal provides complete residential, commercial, and industrial waste removal and disposal service. Winner of the 2012 SWANA Silver Landfill Excellence Award for Landfill Gas Control, recipient of a 2013 Waste Watcher Award from the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania for support of Rural Recycling, and voted Silver Award Winner as Most "Green" Business in the 2014 Cranberry Eagle Reader's Choice Awards, Vogel Disposal demonstrates environmental excellence.
Additional Contact(s)
Mr. Ronald Sturgeon, P.E.
Phone: (724) 816-4757

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