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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
79 King William Road
Unley, South Australia 5061
Professional Services
  • Engineering/Design
  • Construction/Installation
  • O&M
Equipment Supplier
  • LFG Power Generation
Primary Contact
Mr. John Falzon (john.falzon@lms.com.au)
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +61 8 8291 9000
Fax: +61 8 8291 9099
Sims Energy is a combined initiative of Sims Metal Management and LMS Generation Pty Ltd. LMS is a specialist LFG and power generation company, and since 1982 has invested extensive resources in the ongoing development of intellectual property in LFG management to build, own, and operate renewable energy facilities. Sims Energy is managed by a uniquely qualified team with outstanding experience in LFG, biogas, coal seam methane, power generation, energy trading, emission trading, power purchase agreements, and the commercialization of LFG technologies. Working in partnership with clients allows the company to implement innovative, effective, and technically successful outcomes in the design, processing, and utilization of LFG energy systems.
Additional Contact(s)
Mr. Brett Maple (brett.maple@lms.com.au)
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: +(61) 8 8291 9000
Fax: +(61) 8 8291 9099

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