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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
9400 Peppercorn Place
Largo, MD 20774
United States
Primary Contact
Mr. Darryl Flick (dlflick@co.pg.md.us)
Phone: (301) 952-7625
Existing facility is rated at 2.4 MW and supplies 100% of the electrical power to the County's Correctional Facility in Upper Marlboro, MD. Current consumption of LFG is 1,000,000 cfd. The LFG extraction system, located at the Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill in Upper Marlboro, MD, utilizes 155 LFG wells, over a collection area of 150 acres. The LFG is compressed on site, using LFG-fired Sullair compressors, and transports the gas 2.56 miles via pipeline, to the Correctional Facility Complex. Here, the gas is utilized as boiler fuel and engine generator set fuel. The generators, totaling three, are rated at 850 kW, and provide 100% power requirements for all loads of the Correctional Facility. They produce approximately 25% more power than consumed, and this byproduct is sold to Potomac Electric Power Company, for an annual value of $200,000/yr. The total benefit to the County, through avoided costs, is $1,000,000/yr. *Proposed facility is planned.

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