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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
1255 Roberts Boulevard, NW
Suite 200
Kennesaw, GA 30144-3694
United States
Professional Services
  • Engineering/Design
  • Construction/Installation
  • O&M
  • Permitting/Regulatory Consulting
Primary Contact
Mr. Dave Heitz (dheitz@geosyntec.com)
Senior Engineer
Phone: (864) 201-3963
Fax: (864) 438-4910
GeoSyntec Consultants (GeoSyntec) provides a wide range of services related to solid waste management including design, permitting, and construction engineering. A significant component of the solid waste practice is focused on LFG management and related air quality issues. GeoSyntec's range of services relating to LFG includes LFG system design, air permitting and compliance, bioreactor specialized services, and gas management construction services. GeoSyntec can assist LFG energy projects in many ways including LFG projections, evaluation of economic viability of LFG energy options, negotiation of and contracting for sale of electricity, identification and pre-qualification of potential vendors, RFP development, equipment procurement, solid waste and air permitting, system design, and management of the project construction. GeoSyntec has 28 offices conveniently located across the nation.
Additional Contact(s)
Majdi Othman, Ph.D., P.E. (mothman@geosyntec.com)
Phone: (678) 202-9500 x508
Fax: (678) 202-9501

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