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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
555 Monica Circle
Corona, CA 92880
United States
Professional Services
  • Engineering/Design
  • Construction/Installation
Equipment Supplier
  • Gas Monitors/Analyzers
  • LFG Power Generation
Primary Contact
Ms. Kusum Kavia (kkavia@cai3.com)
Phone: (951) 272-6999
Fax: (951) 272-8066
Combustion Associates, Inc (CAI) is a California-based corporation specializing in Distributed Energy Resources that provide reliable, environment-friendly, affordable electric power to meet increased demand, reduce peak operating costs, enhance energy security, and improve the reliability of electric power generation. Keeping a strong focus on customers' energy needs, CAI has developed 1-20 MW Gas Turbine Power Generation Systems that are small, modular, decentralized, grid-connected, and off-grid systems located in or near the place where energy is used. The advantages of CAI's packaged power generation systems are that they are versatile and can be operated with a choice of fuels such as: Landfill Methane Gas (LFG), Natural Gas, and Diesel Oil. Additionally, packages are available in 50Hz and 60Hz cycles with options for Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) that enables the use of waste heat for productive purposes in combined heat and power applications. These features make CAI's packaged power generation systems extremely efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sound.
Additional Contact(s)
Mr. Khaled Abualrejal (kabualrejal@cai3.com)
Project Engineer
Phone: (951) 272-6999
Fax: (951) 272-8066

Mr. Intcher Bramlett (ibramlett@cai3.com)
Sales and Marketing
Phone: (951) 272-6999
Fax: (951) 272-8066

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