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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
55 Trinity Avenue SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
United States
Primary Contact
Ms. Jean Pullen (may-jpullen@atlantaga.gov)
Energy Engineeer, Office of Sustainability
Phone: (770) 633-6538
Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin has identified environmental sustainability as a critical factor in making Atlanta a "best in class" city. In early 2007, she charged her administration to create and foster a community dedicated to sustainability through best in class leadership and to implement solutions and practices as they are identified. To answer that charge, a team of city officials and expert consultants assessed Atlanta's current sustainable practices and made recommendations for a course of action in 2008 for new high impact programs and policies. Funded by a private foundation, Office of Sustainability is aimed at making the city more sustainable by improving their "green" programs and policies such as water and energy conservation, reducing solid waste, reducing emissions, and improving the rates of recycling. The Office of Sustainability is currently evaluating the feasibility of generating renewable electricity from the City's closed landfills.

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