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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
6175-D Shamrock Court
Dublin, OH 43016
United States
Equipment Supplier
  • LFG Cleaning/Drying/Compression
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal
Primary Contact
Mr. Seth Knaebel (s.knaebel@adsorption.com)
Senior Engineer
Phone: (614) 798-9090
Fax: (614) 798-9091
Adsorption Research, Inc. (ARI) has successfully developed processes for upgrading LFG to meet pipeline, LNG, or CNG specifications. In addition, they have developed efficient, regenerable processes for LFG pretreatment in order to reject VOCs, siloxanes, and halogenated organic compounds. ARI has been successfully solving gas contaminant concerns and issues since 1992.

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