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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

EPA Recognizes LMOP Partners for Landfill Gas Energy Achievements (2014)

Award Winners

LMOP’s Partner and Project of the Year Awards Program recognizes select Partners for excellence in innovation and creativity, success in promoting renewable energy development, and achievement of environmental and economic benefits through successful landfill gas (LFG) energy projects. These projects and companies contribute to job creation and provide green power for the communities they serve. On March 19, 2015, Partners accepted the following awards at the LMOP National Landfill Gas Energy Workshop in New Orleans, Louisiana.

2014 Projects of the Year

  • Seneca Energy II Renewable Natural Gas Facility – Waterloo, New York:  Developed by LMOP Partner Innovative Energy Systems (now operating as Aria Energy), this project involves processing approximately 3,000 cubic feet per minute of LFG from the Seneca Meadows Landfill into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). The RNG is transported through an existing natural gas pipeline to make electricity, used in fuel cells to produce electricity for on-site consumption, or compressed for use in natural gas vehicles. In addition to the newly established RNG Facility, an existing LFG electricity project is producing 17.6 MW of power using 18 Caterpillar reciprocating engines.

  • Sand Valley Landfill Gas to Electric Plant – Collinsville, Alabama:  The Sand Valley LFG to Electric Plant generates 4.8 MW of power using three Caterpillar reciprocating engines making it the largest LFG electricity project in Alabama. Developed by LMOP Partner Energy Developments, Inc., the facility produces electricity for approximately 3,000 homes in DeKalb County. The project overcame a number of barriers to implementation, including the remote location of the project which required the installation of a 9-mile feeder line connecting the power project to the nearest sub-station.

2014 Community Partner of the Year

  • Hancock County – Findlay, Ohio:  Hancock County owns and operates the Hancock County Sanitary Landfill serving the surrounding community. The County partnered with LMOP Partner Granger Energy Services, as well as Buckeye Power and Hancock Woods Cooperative, to bring online a 3.2 MW LFG electricity project. The County’s foresight in finding a beneficial use option for LFG resulted in a new revenue stream from the sale of LFG. This benefit, along with improved local air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrates the importance of public/private partnerships to improve public health and the environment.

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