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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

EPA Recognizes Clean Energy Initiatives for Turning Landfills Into Community Assets and Cutting Greenhouse Gases (2007)

Award Winners

Each year, EPA recognizes the latest accomplishments of landfill methane partners who have reduced emissions of methane and created renewable energy. LMOP acknowledges its Partners for excellence in innovation and creativity, success in promoting project development, and achieving environmental and economic benefits. On January 9, 2008, the Partners accepted the following awards at EPA's 11th Annual LMOP Conference and Project Expo in Washington, D.C.

Projects of the Year: For 2007, LMOP is pleased to recognize landfill gas (LFG) energy projects that took innovative approaches to utilize LFG from municipal solid waste landfills, deliver environmental and economic benefits directly to the community, and promote LFG energy projects locally or nationally. This year's award winners demonstrate creativity, persistence, and leadership in developing LFG energy projects that benefit the local and global community.

Community Partner of the Year: Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority (GLRA) and PPL Energy Landfill Gas Energy Project, Lebanon, Pennsylvania. GLRA and PPL created and built a renewable energy education facility that serves as an educational forum for local, national, and international visitors. With the goal of “empowering our future leaders with green energy,” the project demonstrates the power of renewable energy from LFG, wind, and solar energy.

Industry Partner of the Year: Ameresco, Framingham, Massachusetts. Exiting EPA Ameresco continues to show leadership by consistently developing innovative and flexible LFG energy projects. Three new projects in 2007, including a small, creative, 800–kilowatt project, demonstrate Ameresco's ability to provide long–term solutions to landfills and the communities they serve.

Energy Partners of the Year: Alameda Power & Telecom and City of Palo Alto, Watsonville, California. Two community–based utilities actively pursued LFG opportunities in their own backyard. Tapping renewable energy from local landfills helps them meet renewable energy goals and provide green power to customers who have signed up in record numbers.

Endorser of the Year: CIFAL, Atlanta, Georgia. Exiting EPA Bringing together local government officials and solid waste experts from around the world, CIFAL–Atlanta and LMOP co–hosted the Greening Solid Waste Practices workshop in September 2007. The forum allowed solid waste professionals to explore best practices for implementing LFG energy projects to reduce methane emissions, provide a clean, renewable form of energy, and stimulate the local economy.

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