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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

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Benefits of Joining

When you become an LMOP Partner, you will join a vast network of industry experts and practitioners, and gain access to various technical and marketing resources. LMOP's host of tools can help you identify, develop, and promote the benefits of your landfill gas (LFG) energy project.

Whether you are a landfill owner, project developer, municipal representative, or corporation interested in using LFG, LMOP can provide resources to help you meet your needs. All LMOP Partners have access to the following services:

Becoming a Partner is free and provides additional exposure for your organization. Responsibilities of Partners and Endorsers are included in the Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and Agreement listed below.

Additional Information

If necessary, you may instead submit an electronic copy of your complete MOU to EPA-LMOP@erg.com.

Organizations that focus on international activities should consider joining the Global Methane Initiative. LMOP works with the Initiative to promote LFG energy project development globally. More information can be found on the Global Methane Initiative website. Exit EPA Disclaimer

How to Join

LMOP consists of four Partnership programs and an Endorser program, described below. Please complete and submit your MOU or Agreement online using the appropriate option. Please send an electronic, high-resolution version of your organization’s logo or seal to EPA-LMOP@erg.com. You should expect to receive your welcome email approximately eight weeks after you submit your Partner MOU or Endorser Agreement. If you have any questions, contact LMOP.

Industry Partners include private landfill owners, developers, consultants and equipment suppliers. These Partners promote economically and technically sound projects and educate others about the benefits of using LFG as an energy resource. Examples: Analytical Technologies, Inc., Blue Sphere Corporation, Delcon Inc., Green kW Energy, Inc., Vogel Disposal Service, Inc., and WCA Waste Corporation.

LMOP Industry Partner MOU Exit EPA Disclaimer

Energy Partners include power providers, marketers and energy end users. Power providers and marketers make LFG an attractive part of their green/renewable energy portfolios. Energy end users provide information about the economic, environmental and societal benefits of using LFG. Examples: Alameda Municipal Power, East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Gundersen Health System, Hoosier Energy REC, Inc., Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and University of New Hampshire.

LMOP Energy Partner MOU Exit EPA Disclaimer

State Partners include state air and solid waste departments, energy and economic development offices, universities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These groups work to encourage coordination among permitting and regulatory offices to lower barriers and increase opportunities for LFG recovery. Examples: Appalachian State University Energy Center, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Maryland Energy Administration, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, and Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

LMOP State Partner MOU Exit EPA Disclaimer

Community Partners include local, county, and regional governments, public landfill owners, and nonprofit organizations that develop and publicize LFG energy projects. Community Partners work to promote their projects and their participation in LMOP through the development of case studies and community outreach activities. Examples: Baltimore County (Maryland), Boone County Landfill (Iowa), City of St. Joseph (Missouri), County of Orange (California), King County Solid Waste Division (Washington), and St. Landry Parish Solid Waste Disposal District (Louisiana).

LMOP Community Partner MOU Exit EPA Disclaimer

Endorsers include local, state, regional and national nonprofit organizations with influence over land use, waste management or energy use decisions. Examples of current Endorsers are the American Public Power Association, the California Climate Action Registry, the Environmental Research & Education Foundation, PennFuture, and the Solid Waste Association of North America.

LMOP Endorser Agreement Exit EPA Disclaimer

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