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Public Participation

Summary Report on Community Interviews Issued

In March 2002, EPA contracted with Marasco Newton Group, an independent consultant experienced in neutral facilitation, to assist the Agency in developing a community involvement program that would help ensure active public participation during the design and implementation of the Hudson River PCBs dredging project.

Identifying preferred and appropriate means of obtaining rigorous and meaningful community involvement at the Hudson River PCBs site involves a process consisting of three stages. The first, Stage 1, involved interviews with people living in the upper and lower Hudson River Valley who are interested in the Hudson River PCBs site.

The Marasco Newton Group issued their Free PDF reader available Stage 1 Report - Summary of Comments Heard During Stage 1 Interviews – an independent evaluation of best practices for involving stakeholders in remedial design and remedial action activities at the Hudson River PCBs site.

Stage Two involved working with stakeholders to identify the best approach for public participation. Facilitated community workshops were conducted on July 15, 2002 in Schuylerville, NY and on August 27 in Fort Edward, NY.
Free PDF reader available Stage 2 Report and Recommendations

Stage Three used results from the Stage One interviews and Stage Two workshops to prepare a Free PDF reader available draft Community Involvement Plan.

With the signing of the Record of Decision in February 2002, the Reassessment RI/FS Community Interaction Program ended and the implementation of a new community involvement program began, which included the development of a new draft Community Involvement Plan (CIP). In the February 2002, EPA committed to involving the public in activities relating to the implementation of the dredging project.

During project design, EPA will focus efforts on getting public input and providing information on those decisions and activities that have the greatest potential impact on the community and on the big-picture issues that are most important to the public.

EPA has established the following goals for the overall community involvement program.

Information Repositories

EPA Conducts Review of Community Involvement Efforts Exit EPA disclaimer
At the September meeting of the Hudson River Community Advisory Group (CAG), EPA presented on itsFree PDF reader available community involvement activities from August 2003 through August 2004. EPA requested input and feedback from CAG members on its community involvement efforts in terms of overall strategy and approach, as well as specific tools that have been used. Priorities for the coming year also were presented by EPA and input obtained from the CAG.

Priorities for 2004/2005:

  • Implement the "Ask EPA" Program
  • Increase Involvement in Community Events
  • Enhance Environmental Justice Activities
  • Review Site Information Repositories
  • Mailing List Expansion
  • Explore Use of Public Television/Public Access Television Shows
  • Increase Involvement in School Education Outreach Activities
  • Prepare Video Presentations
  • Prepare Newspaper Updates


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