Onshore Petroleum and Natural Gas Gathering and Boosting

Subpart W—Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems

§98.230 Segment Definition: Onshore Petroleum and Natural Gas Gathering and Boosting.

Onshore petroleum and natural gas gathering and boosting means gathering pipelines and other equipment used to collect petroleum and/or natural gas from onshore production gas or oil wells and used to compress, dehydrate, sweeten, or transport the petroleum and/or natural gas to a natural gas processing facility, a natural gas transmission pipeline or to a natural gas distribution pipeline. Gathering and boosting equipment includes, but is not limited to gathering pipelines, separators, compressors, acid gas removal units, dehydrators, pneumatic devices/pumps, storage vessels, engines, boilers, heaters, and flares. Gathering and boosting equipment does not include equipment reported under any other industry segment defined in this section. Gathering pipelines operating on a vacuum and gathering pipelines with a gas to oil ratio (GOR) less than 300 standard cubic feet per stock tank barrel (scf/STB) are not included in this industry segment (oil here refers to hydrocarbon liquids of all API gravities).