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Technology Transfer Workshops


Each year, the Natural Gas STAR Program conducts a series of Technology Transfer Workshops focusing on issues related to methane emissions reduction from individual industry sectors and operations. Full workshop proceedings are available below back to 2010. Earlier workshop information is also available for reference. See the Technology Transfer Workshops Archive page. However, for the latest data and information, EPA recommends referring to the most current workshop proceedings below.

For other related international events, visit the Global Methane Initiative Past Conferences & Events page.

Sectors: Full List | Gathering and Processing | Production | Transmission | Distribution | International

Sector/Operation Date Event Description and Proceedings
International April 27-28, 2015 1st Global Methane Initiative Workshop and Exhibition in the Middle East
Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Production February 13, 2014 Production Technology Transfer Workshop
Park City, Utah
Production February 11, 2014 Production Technology Transfer Workshop
Denver, Colorado
Production September 24, 2013 EPA's Natural Gas STAR Program Overview (16 pp, 641K)
Methane Emissions Reduction Opportunities during Natural Gas Production (33 pp, 3.02MB)
Methane Gas Capture Case Study (25 pp, 5.57MB)
EPA Subpart W Compliance (27 pp, 3.60MB)
Distribution May 23, 2013 NGS Distribution Workshop Agenda (1 pp, 55K)
EPA's Natural Gas STAR Program Overview
(13 pp, 598KB)
Key Natural Gas STAR Mitigation Options
(27 pp, 1.43MB)
New Studies on Methane Emissions
(22 pp, 1.96MB)
PG&E Experience with Picarro Technology
(27 pp, 3.37MB)
Total Emissions Reductions by Optimization of Compressor Utilization (22 pp, 917K)
International November 19, 2012 Benefits of Methane Emissions Reductions in the Hydrocarbon Sector
Please note that the presentations from this event are in either English or Spanish (no further translations beyond what is provided).
Bogotá, Colombia
This event promoted technology transfer and best practices for identifying, measuring, and cost-effectively mitigating methane emissions for the hydrocarbon sector. Participants included government organizations and companies working in the hydrocarbon sector.
International November 9-10, 2011 Turkmenistan Natural Gas STAR International Workshop
Farmington, New Mexico
Information in Russian >>
International October 12-14, 2011 2011 Global Methane Initiative Partnership-Wide Meeting Exit EPA Disclaimer
Krakow, Poland
International September 23, 2011 1st Asia Pacific Global Methane Initiative Oil and Gas Sector Workshop Exit EPA Disclaimer
Jakarta, Indonesia
International May 13-14, 2011 Gas Flaring/Venting and Fugitive Emissions Measurement Workshop
Please note that presentations from this event are either in English or Spanish (no further translations beyond what is provided).
Villahermosa, Mexico
This conference featured a presentation of Pemex's Strategic Flare/Vent/Fugitives Measurement Plan and the newly formed Measurement Group, as well as a detailed overview of current best practices on measuring gas flare/vent and fugitive volumes. Also discussed were key considerations when selecting flare measurement systems for both new and existing flaring and vent/fugitive installations. Participants shared and discussed practical experiences and challenges in metering, monitoring, verification, and regulatory supervision.
International April 21, 2011 Second International Workshop on Methane Emissions Reduction Technologies in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry
Huadong, China
International October 4, 2010 Seminar with Russian Independent Oil and Gas Producers on Methane Mitigation Technologies and Strategies
Moscow, Russia
Information in Russian >>
Production May 11, 2010 Producers Technology Transfer Workshop
Farmington, New Mexico
International April 26-29, 2010 Turkmenistan Symposium on Natural Gas System Management
Information in Russian
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Production March 23-24, 2010 Producers Technology Transfer Workshop
Vernal, Utah

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Jerome Blackman (blackman.jerome@epa.gov) at (202) 343-9630.


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