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Annual Implementation Workshops


Each year, EPA sponsors an annual Natural Gas STAR Implementation Workshop to further the Program’s primary goal of facilitating information exchange about cost-effective methane emission reduction technologies and practices. This conference brings together Natural Gas STAR partners and industry experts to discuss the latest technologies and practices.

20th Annual Implementation Workshop — November 16-18, 2015

19th Annual Implementation Workshop — May 12-14, 2014

18th Annual Implementation Workshop — April 10-12, 2012

17th Annual Implementation Workshop – November 1-3, 2010

16th Annual Implementation Workshop – October 19-21, 2009

Earlier workshop information is also available for reference. See the Annual Implementation Workshops Archive page. However, for the latest data and information, EPA recommends referring to the most current workshop proceedings above.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Jerome Blackman (blackman.jerome@epa.gov) at (202) 343-9630.


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