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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

Stagirus, Inc.

Marty Sos (msos@stagirus.com)
10955 Westmoor Drive, Suite 400
Westminster CO 80021, USA
(303) 379-2865
(303) 317-8188
www.stagirus.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

The Stagirus S2 Enterprise System is a state-of-the art solution for implementing, automating and managing a DI&M program. S2 Enterprise brings best practices related to DI&M, risk management and compliance into a single integrated system.
*RFID Tags identify components and the data resides in a central database
*Screening data captured in the field is transmitted wirelessly via mobile devices
*Repair priority & economic decisions are processed by the system
*Reports and repair work orders are initiated automatically
*Repeatable DI&M procedures are easily modeled for future implementation

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