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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory


Howard Hardwick (hhardwick@plcsusa.com)
102 Gaither Drive, Unit 1
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054, USA
(856) 722-1333
(856) 273-9723
www.plcsusa.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

Cast iron gas mains will last at least a another 200 years and the tremendous cost of their replacement is unnecessary. Over 3 million cast iron joints have been permanently sealed against leakage by the 60+ US and many European gas distribution companies who install PLCS encapsulation kits using their own labor or contractors. This simple, inexpensive process renews cast iron pipe systems one joint at a time so they will never leak methane into the atmosphere again. PLCS passes every performance test in the industry including British Gas LC8 and Cornell/New York Gas Group.

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