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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

Leak Finder, Inc.

Joe Matsko (joematsko@leakfinderinc.com)
24850 Aurora Road, Unit D
Cleveland OH 44146, USA
(800) 218-1828
(440) 786-1945
www.leakfinderinc.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

Leak Finder, Inc. is an international provider of leak detection/quantification services for governmental, industrial, commercial, and private sectors utilizing state-of-the-art tuned diode laser technology that increases the speed of routine surface inspections ten-fold. Our instruments and techniques are EPA method 21 compliant. We also utilize traditional FID, PID, TVA, Airborne Ultrasound and infrared instruments to augment our leak detection/quantification services. Our aerial and ground-based inspections are offered internationally. Please feel welcome to contact us!

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