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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

Leak Surveys Inc.

Bud McCorkle (bmccorkle@leaksurveysinc.com)
PO Box 3066
Early, TX 76803, USA
(325) 641-8147
(325) 641-2542
www.leaksurveysinc.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

Leak Surveys Inc is an innovative new company that services the oil and gas industry using specialized infrared technology. Leaking gas emissions are seen in real time and resemble a black cloud of smoke. Leaking components can be quickly identified using the Hawk Camera Leak Detection System. Helicopter surveys are also available for aerial inspections of pipelines and tank farms. Leak Surveys Inc is an international company and has conducted surveys in 25 countries to date. Leak Surveys Inc. was the 2007 winner of the EPA's Clean Air Excellence Award and also the TCEQ's 2007 Innovative Technology Award.

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