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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

Insight Emissions Management Inc.

Allan Bouwers (abouwers@insightemissions.com)
Suite 6F, 100-7th Ave. SW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 3K6, Canada
(403) 875-6990
www.insightemissions.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

Insight, builds software that runs on a tablet and is connected to the FLIR camera that streamlines the capturing of IR video and data, as well as provides a one-click sync to a secure, online web application where clients would be able to access the information and videos. A number of companies are currently automating regulatory requirements and creating tasks based on those requirements. Data Capture and Workflow: Asset Tagging: Synchronize Online Seamlessly: Automate Compliance and Manage Risk: Economic Assessment: Track Repairs and Replacements: Email Notifications: One-Click Regulatory Reports:

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