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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

Global Oil Flow USA, LLC

Skip Marks (smarks@globaloilflow.com)
322 Neff Ave.
Harrisonburg VA 22801, USA
(540) 437-9385
(540) 437-5386
www.globaloilflow.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

Global Oil Flow (GOF) is in the business of enhancing and optimizing artificially lifted wells. GOF has combined its patented, state-of-the-art walking beam compressor (OFC©) with an integrated, fully automated Variable Frequency Drive, Pump-off Control and proprietary Rod Pump Optimization Software. Through this unique suite of products, SmartJack™, GOF is able to increase oil and gas production while decreasing energy consumption, maintenance costs, and labor costs associated with well management and operation. SmartJack™ enables operators to increase service intervals and extend well life.

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