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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

Fluenta Inc.

Paul Khuri (paul.khuri@fluentainc.com)
1155 Dairy Ashford Suite 211
Houston TX 77079, USA
(281) 972-2004
(281) 497-8687
www.fluenta.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

The Fluenta Flare Gas Meter is the most robust and accurate flare monitor on the market today, and an essential tool for E&P operators. The FGM 160 has been developed to measure flare gas in pipes where pressure, a wide range of velocities, and large pipe diameters represent a great challenge. It has the highest turndown ratio 3330:1 in the market and also has the ability to give density output. It is the only fully non-intrusive meter for all pipe diameters. The meter is used in the North Sea for taxation of CO2.

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