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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

G.E. Energy - Texsteam

Charlie Parker (charlie.parker@dresser.com)
16240 Port Northwest
Houston TX, 77041 USA
(800) 945-9898
(713) 849-2879
www.dresser.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

Texsteam's iCIP Solar Intelligent Chemical Injection Pump & SolarLite systems are cost effective green alternatives to pneumatic & electric pumps. The solar system will pay for itself with the elimination of lost & consumed natural gas as well as electricity costs. The iCIP provides the dependability of a Texsteam pump with the ability to continuously inject chemicals, view performance data, log data, change parameters, connect & monitor analog & digital devices, & remotely monitor the system. Additionally, the SolarLite, using the same field proven Texsteam pump, is a cost effective option to the iCIP unit.

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