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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

Compressco Inc.

Steve Torrez (storrez@compressco.com)
101 Park Ave Suite 1200
Oklahoma City OK 73102, USA
(281) 460-5091
(281) 596-0943
www.compressco.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

Compressco offers a natural gas driven reciprocating compressor (GasJack®) for VRU applications. Typical applications are with VRT systems and oil storage tanks in areas where electricity is not readily available and auto start capabilities are required. Compressco is also successful on the deliquification of marginal wells as well as working in conjunction with the following; pumping well units, plunger lift systems, intermittent soaping, velocity strings, and backside injection where packers are not present. Our expertise is production enhancement of oil and gas production with wellhead compression.

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