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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

Blair Air System

Jim Blair (info@blairair.com)
PO Box 208
Morrin Alberta T0J 2B0, Canada
(403) 820-9715
(403) 772-3940
www.blairair.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

The Blair Air System is a zero emission mechanical device that is driven by small and intermittent differential pressure of a flowing gas line, and provides compressed air for instrumentation. There is no combustion or consumption of gas. The unit, which is contained on a small skid, is placed near a gas or oil well, or facility, and is connected 'in line' so that all fluids passing through it return to the pipeline. One, two, or three optional mechanical pumps fit neatly onto the machine to provide chemical injection at easily adjustable rates, or to move larger volumes of liquids such as produced water.

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