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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

Bekaert CEB Technologies

Timothy Egan (tim.egan@bekaert.com)
1000 Cobb Place Blvd.
Kennesaw GA 30144, USA
(770) 514-2208
www.bekaert.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

Bekaert's Clean Enclosed Burner (CEB) Technology is an ultra low emission flaring system. The CEB is able to achieve a destruction efficiency of up to 99.99%, while generating less than 15 ppm of NOx and less than 10 ppm of CO. Because of the stability of its proprietary premix surface combustion technology, the CEB can operate at 150 BTU/scf without the need for support gas. This makes the CEB ideal for waste gases with low calorific values. The CEB is ideal for load/unload, petrochemical, waste water treatment and landfill applications.

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