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Natural Gas STAR Service Provider Directory

Apogee Scientific Inc.

DJ Dorrington (djdorrington@apogee-sci.com)
2895 W Oxford Ave, Suite 1
Englewood CO 80110-4397, USA
(805) 291-0712
(303) 783-9607
www.apogee-sci.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

Apogee Scientific provides services and system sales for detecting methane, total hydrocarbon, and CO2 leaks from pipelines, production/storage facilities, landfills, and coal seeps. The Leak Detection System, "LDS", has been fully commercialized in all facets of the Gas Industry with proven ground and airborne applications. The LDS is a rugged, advanced system that is highly sensitive, fast, and maximizes accuracy with no false positives. Leak locations are determined by GPS with advanced user-friendly software allowing for immediate processing of data and report generation.

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