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Consolidated Checklists C1 - C11

Consolidated Checklists C1 - C11 represent a consolidation of the checklists used for the initial RCRA Base Program, plus all the revisions to this program. Each Consolidated Checklist corresponds to a specific part of 40 CFR (i.e., Parts 260-266, 268, 270, 273 and 279). The checklists can be used when a state is seeking initial authorization, or when an authorized state makes major revisions to its regulations, such as: renumbering its code; changing from an incorporation by reference to a verbatim adoption, or vice versa; and replacing current state regulations with verbatim adoption of the federal regulations or an incorporation by reference.

A state can use a Consolidated Checklist to track its own program as it corresponds to the federal code. It serves as a crosswalk between the state's entire authorized program and the federal regulations. Consolidated Checklists are also helpful in tracking the history of the revisions to each specific provision of the federal regulations. The Checklist Reference column for each citation shows the Revision Checklists that have affected it. A cross preceding a revision checklist means that the provision is optional. Roman numerals refer to the original base program checklists, while an asterisk indicates that while the particular section of code was included in the federal RCRA regulations prior to the first revision checklist, it was not included in the original base program checklists. Endnotes are also used to provide additional information about specific citations. The most recent Consolidated Checklists are current through December 31, 2002.

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2002 Consolidated Checklists (Through December 31, 2002)


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